Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well, for me.

Next Friday morning is my follow up with the podiatrist about the sprain-that-wasn't (CT scan revealed a fracture in the old break and a lot of "ununion"...thanks low blood flow area)

So...can I play rugby this fall? Am I flying to Orlando for 1 day just to hang out and experience Air Tran? Should I be saving to go to FL and CA for playoffs? Should I be figuring out how I'm going to draft three dissertation chapters, take a second class, go to work, coach, and go to rugby AND feed the dog and shower without losing my mind? Can I run the Philly Distance Run? 9/16...unlikely, seeing as that's 4 weeks from next weekend and 2-3 days of elliptical isn't exactly the 20ish miles/week I'd like to have under my belt for a half, besides that is it a good idea to run a half 12 weeks after a fracture? Can I run the Philly Half Marathon in November? That would be 12 weeks from next weekend, perfect time to ramp up from 12ish miles/week to 20ish (Hal Higdon Novice!)...I could do it.

But, alas, planning for all of these things, figuring out how much travel (rugby) the fall can hold amid school etc., and allowing myself to obsess over athletic training of some sort is all on hold. Dr. W, your verdict next week about what I am permitted to do and when I am permitted to do so (I HAVE to listen since even if this fall is a wash, I'd like to not be out of commission for the rest of eternity) holds more weight than you know.

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