Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Dear Wednesday,

A melted pizza is a close competitor to Tuesday's pinkie sized hornet in my living room, but Monday is still in the lead. We'll see how Thursday and Friday do before we declare a winner for the week.


I hate to cook for just myself (actually, I don't really like cooking for 2 either - I prefer 4+ so I can justify a semi-gourmet meal). So, since I'm home alone a lot in the evenings, I eat a lot of leftovers. We were out though, so I went for the frozen pizza.
Apparently rising crust pizza needs to be on a cookie sheet when you put it in the oven frozen. I am 99% sure the ones we normally buy don't (my mom brought this one over and left it). It is remarkably hard to remove melted dough from an oven rack. I ended up pulling out the rack and dumping it, then pulling off the stuck parts.

Still though, with a little reshaping and the addition of some shredded mozzarella, it turned out OK. As evident from the chunk missing from below (after that taste of crust, I decided it needed to cool a bit before I took my piece half).

So, F.reschetta, good job making a pizza that can recover from failure to read directions (who needs directions for frozen pizza?).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

things that are bad signs

When the doctor calls you two business days after a procedure where you were given a card saying to call in 10-14 days for results...

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've been missing a lot of practice (and a game) with my team to coach for a D3 club...which I've been very torn about (love coaching, but have guilt issues as I'm not quite ready to retire yet).

But this weekend I missed my team's game to manage for the U23 All Stars developmental event at a major tournament (still feel guilty, but less so since the head coach of this team is also the head coach of the team I play for, and wanted me to come to be her bitch manager).

Two of the girls (kids? women? ladies?) from my D. U. team were invited to the event (which is aimed at getting Div 2 & 3 players higher level experience - all stars of their not-so-amazing clubs and its an opportunity to really play up). I'll spare you all the details, but both did AMAZINGLY today, all things considered. The head coach is considering my little scrumhalf for Most Improved over the weekend and really likes her as a developing player (BIG compliment) and I am just about bursting with pride. I'm super sad I can't stay for tomorrow's games, but I might be in the doghouse with Princess Charming (and, um, my professor who I have a big paper due for) if I did that.

Maybe this coaching thing will work out and I'll feel ok about playing less each season as a slow road to retirement?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thanks, Student Financial Services

email I got at work today

In these difficult economic times, consider these payment options when planning to pay your upcoming Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 term bills:

3. Lock in current tuition rates through the Tuition Stabilizer Plan. If you have the resources, consider prepaying tuition and mandatory fees for future years at the 2009-2010 rate, and avoid increases. Enrollment can be for two, three, or four years, and is open to all students, except those entering their final year. Enroll by July 15.

Sure, let me pull (many) THOUSANDS of dollars out of my back pocket. Oh, wait, my "resources" you meant my trust fund didn't you?


and the rich get richer...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Christina at Steady Happy posted this link a while ago, and I've been meaning to give it some attention! I can't resist doing a little PR in the name of love.

So You're EnGAYged is a new site dedicated to same-sex couples and their allies. The site is looking to promote LGBT friendly vendors and serve as a general resource. So far, so good. Its quite a bit nicer than the couple other sites out there...but its just getting started, so go support them!

I love the idea blog - themed moodboard shout outs to Iowa and VT! But my favorite is the wedding feature - also a love of mine on Practical Wedding, which I still can't take off my googlereader.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've raise 21% of my minimum ($2300) for the breast cancer 3 day this October (see side bar). I've kind of spammed my friends (who are mostly poor and/or house buying and/or wedding planning), but not the family so much, so I'm hoping to get more donations when I do a mailing next month. I'm super excited that friends have been donating though, and am especially grateful to the couple of people I've never even met who've contributed!! (love!) I'd *really* prefer to avoid a having to solicit local businesses to put a change can or similar out! I am thinking about having a BBQ this summer and inviting my neighbors (well, the 2 or 3 I know, and putting invite cards (hi vista.print?) in others' mailboxes and putting a donation box out there. We'd supply burgers etc..would that be weird? Or profitable? I'm not sure.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

good, bad and ugly

dad is going home 3 days post-triple-bypass

I discovered this morning I more or less twitch with anxiety when disconnected from technology. Our power went out at work for 45 minutes and I couldn't find a single thing to do, other than clean my desk, which would have been futile, since none of it can be REMOVED until I complete it...on the computer.

the ugly:
(or at least unpleasant). I haven't lost a dang pound this year and 60% of my pants don't fit. Upside: I haven't gained any more. I also haven't been trying that much (unless you count the 7 cookies + box of nerds I had for dinner last night as counting...).