Sunday, August 16, 2009

rugby camp

camp + small fracture from 7 weeks ago = lots of time sweating in the sun but not doing a damn thing.

Its really bizarre to spend two full, long days in rugby land and not be sore. (Actually, my shoulders are a tad tight, as I got to participate in lineouts yesterday, but I am nowhere near as tired as I should be).

12 more days till I'm cleared to run again. But can I "take it easy" as Dr. W told me to? Did she really believe me when I told her I still wanted to do the Philly Half in November AND play this fall? Did she realize I was serious when I told her I wanted to play in at least a couple of games? I'm not sure, and not 100% sure I want to know :)

Not related to me, about 8 of my college kids came to camp and did fabulously with all the senior side players, so I'm really excited about their season (and their impending D4 "national" championship).

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