Saturday, July 25, 2009

taking a breather

Today, I had an 8 am appointment, spent 45 minutes running errands, 3 hrs gardening, then about 7 hrs with my parents who came to visit. We didn't do a dang thing on the house. Poor folks, every time they come over, we work for 6+ hours (electric, shed demo, etc.), so Princess Charming and I decided today we'd suprise them - take my dad's loaner tools hostage in the garage (we do need them for tomorrow) and spend the afternoon having lunch, shoe shopping and discussing fitness. I know that sounds bizarre, but since his triple bypass my dad's entered a major health "kick," so he really NEEDED good shoes for all the walking he's doing and a good lesson on proper lifting...and exercises besides shoulder raises and bicep curls.

Its nearly 9 and since we cleaned like nuts this AM, there's nothing pressing to do except for tomorrow's projects, which can wait till tomorrow. I've decided to remote into work only on worknights, as I am becoming on of "those" people, so today I will not. But mostly, its weird AND relieving not to having schoolwork hanging over my head. Since I'm not taking class Summer II, this is my longest "break" since fall 07, when I didn't take anything. There's 5 more blissful, school-free weeks. Although I am still too busy to mop more than once a month or so, it is nice to not realize I forgot to do something and nearly hyperventialate...the camel's back breaks pretty easily at certain times during the semester.

Sadly, now that I have the time to really get back to exercising, I can't. My foot is STILL puffy, and while it only hurts after exercise, a series of semi-related doctors appointments has determined its still broken. Treatment TBD. So no running, and as my parents didn't leave till 8, I didn't make it to the gym tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I should take the pup for a walk, but I've been trying to keep even those to 1/2 mile, as (since I've been paying more attention now instead of ignoring the nagging pain) more than that does up the pain level somewhat...and I'd like my foot to work properly again sooner rather than later. Sigh.

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  1. sorry to hear about the foot em. sometimes it is just better to be on your butt and let it heal. i had something similar this spring and it was awful. i am still trying to build up mileage and it starts to hurts at ~3-4mi. boo!