Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i might have a problem

Sunday, we bought two pounds of strawberries, two pounds of blueberries (I think anyway - it was a huge package) and a pint of raspberries. I made a huge fruit salad from it. I packed 3 cups of it with Princess Charming's food for the week (no, I am not a psycho ration-er, but she takes most of her meals with her to work 90 miles from home).

That left me with about half of a gigantic pyrex bowl full of fruit salad (lets guess 6 or 8 cups). Today is Tuesday.
I am out of fruit.

My problem is that fresh berries are kind of expensive, and I want to go buy more tomorrow.
I suppose this isn't a terrible problem to have in the scheme of things. It is a wonderful indulgence, and if I have a $30/week habit of fresh berries now till its out of season ($5 for a single half pint of raspberries in mid-winter doesn't work for me), I think that is ok.

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  1. It is expensive!! I feel like I only have taste for those types of foods too. Oh, what to do! Love the blog. It made me smile!