Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Porch re-do

Sort of.
Our house has this snazzy enclosed front porch.

ok, maybe it isn't snazzy.  It has windows which leak air (though I am sure they were top of the line in 1960, like most other things around here...) and no insulation, and a radiator that may or may not work (we have the valve closed) . But it is THERE and is good extra space for our little house (especially since we're currently living on the 850 sqft first floor, with random not unpacked stuff upstairs and in the basement.
porch when we looked at the house. Note the awesome vinyl floor.
We (er, my wife) pulled up the nasty floor months ago and found some pretty darn decent (painted) wood flooring. It looks like it was painted shortly before being covered up. Excellent.

A friend lent us some (giant and noisy) toddler toys, so we decided these needed a new home. At 9:30 on a Friday night. Did you know Home Depot is open until 10 pm?  I DASHED over there and snagged some paint samples (so I could buy said paint at 7 am the next day), and we set to work cleaning the space up a bit. We scraped the radiator (and spraypainted it with high heat spraypaint to hold in the flaking), and washed down the walls/floor a bit.

A coat of paint and a trip to BRU for flooring later...
play area! All toys and gate on loan!
So far it is a hit.

Of course, this was 2 weeks ago now, and the other side still looks like this.

Maybe this weekend...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

formula/come see us

The babies are moved/I am an idiot who can't mix formula: