Sunday, August 2, 2009

goals for the week...

Its August. How did that happen?

August 2 = two more weeks till rugby camp = 4 weeks till StL/Labor Day = 3-4 weeks till the floodgates at work = 4.5 weeks till the semester starts for me = approximately 28 weeks till this peaceful existance that allows for Wii and reading fiction on the train ends till late December (since the busy parts of work, rugby and school come in waves).

I've had almost a month school free, and since its off-season, I've had a lot of time on my hands for the last two weeks (we were away for a while). What have I gotten done? I've watched all of Jericho, done some gardening, and spent a lot of time not being anxious.

But its time to get moving...the kitchen makeover we started in MARCH still has some cosmetic touch ups to finish, I need to get serious about working out even though I am not allowed to run right now, and I really want to get the den wired and painted.

For this week, my goals are to finish the kitchen paint touch ups, do the kitchen ceiling, and lift three times & do at least 3 cardio sessions of some sort...

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