Monday, August 31, 2009

signs mom enrolled you in college

Verbatim, aside from brackets:

I have been trying to register on line for [Class] on world campus, but have been unsuccessful. I need some kind of authorization for this class, I'm register as a non-degree, and will eventually sign up for [Masters Program]. My id # [#####] or [State Flagship U Abbreviation] id [#####]. I hope you can really help me out, the class already started last wk as you know. Thank you for your time and your assistance w/ this matter.
[Student Name]

Our reply:

This is the University of [State], not [State] University. I am not sure what World Campus is. If you really mean the [Our University] and you wish to take [Course with similar number] at our campus in [City], please email [us] and give us your [Our University] ID and we will issue you this permit once you confirm you have the pre-req of College Chemistry.

How do you email the WRONG SCHOOL!? (Where you've never been enrolled!) Also, class apparently started last week at Your School, but we don't start till next week...did you not notice while on our website looking for our email?


  1. hahaha. Since I went to [State] University I can tell you that World Campus = online degree programs. That is so funny that they emailed the wrong school.

  2. haha, I know, but that's the other thing - we don't even OFFER online courses! This email took a few rewrites as it was to refrain from pointing out stupidity! :)

  3. oh man, and they're going for a master's degree...