Thursday, December 31, 2009

high fashion

Today, my sister in law is wearing tan pleated stirrup pants. With black booties with red plaid sides. She is complaining her toe hurts and her boyfriend is telling her she shouldn't wear shoes that are too small (the addendum in my head is you shouldn't buy shoes at second hand stores either...).

She lives in Brooklyn and must think this gives her a pass to be "fashion forward". Or, um, backwards by 0 years.  Regardless, Brooklyn Hipster does not equal fashionable in my mind. AND we're currently in Colorado. AND they are STIRRUP PANTS!!

She looks ridiculous. I wish I could get a photo.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

happy christmas to me




Monday, December 28, 2009

what we did for Christmas

Christmas in our house (or, well, a week before Christmas. Maybe post-shoveling?):

Christmas with my parents:

Sunday, December 27, 2009

December snow!

This is Pennsylvania. Southeastern Pennsylvania. Snow is not THAT normal in December, and snow over a foot is downright rare. We average about 20 inches a year, and are dang close to that at this point from the snowstorm last weekend, plus the mid-month dusting!

Princess Charming likes to shovel (or at least doesn't avoid it like I do), so we only had a couple of inches to deal with in the morning. I was very busy making cookies whenever this was going on last Saturday:
Look at that! This is Philadelphia not Pittsburgh! One of the news stations said this is the biggest December storm on record, and second largest all time (following the 96 blizzard).
That's a 15! And the wind was blowing to the other side of the street - our neighbors had twice the snow we did in the morning (they shoveled out the same time as us Saturday night).

It was pretty though! Even the three inches that made it into our screened porch (apparently it was quite windy!)

Hotel Bathrooms

My dad's cousins replaced their 1950s bathroom with a very nice marble bathroom complete with separate shower and jacuzzi tub a few years ago. They must like the Sheraton bathrooms like I do...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry christmas

Or Happy Boxing Day. For whomever celebrates that. (Do I have any British or Canadian readers? Actually, do I have any readers...?)

In honor of the holiday, my stocking stuffer:

santa-poop-on-a-stick or chocolate dipped marshmellows? you decide.

It was tasty though.
I also got some gummi candies.

Not bad!

Princess Charming's stocking has a novel (from and a new pair of gloves (from BJ's) for work, not play. She hasn't seen the gloves yet so I hope she doesn't read this until we're back from vacation next weekend.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

shopping (semi)fail

I am a terrible Christmas shopper. I like to shop. Really, I do. But, I kind of suck at giving gifts. My family always tended to buy things as we needed them, something that has continued into my adulthood and certainly the way Princess Charming and I handle things. We were hard pressed to get stocking stuffers. (OK, I am pretty easy to shop for. Get me wool running socks. Or earrings. Or clothes. But I don't NEED anything).

Anyway, tonight, on December 22, I went out to get my parents a present.
Started out OK. I got the last camera at the $79.99 sale price (not bad for a 10.2mp bells and whistles but it will do the job and be 10000% more effective than the "we didn't want to bring the good camera" situation they currently have). Then I waited in line for 13 minutes to get it from Customer Service.

Then I thought, "hey, I'm out, I'm 2 blocks from T.arget, let me run and get the memory card and case"

Let me remind you it is December 22.

I got to T.arget and got a spot within a reasonable range, though pretty far out for 9:43 pm.
Then I went inside.

Holy hell.
I have never seen the inside of a T.arget - much less this particular very suburban typically impeccable one - in this sort of condition. It looked like a W.almart, without the people.
I spent about 10 minutes trying to find a game for my cousins and the camera accessories, then decided I was nuts and left.

I got in the car and had a complete heart attack because the camera box was not under the seat where I left it.

Then I looked in the back seat.

Bailey - he was along for the ride...he loves a car ride and is perfectly happy to sleep in the driver's wheel well for 20 minutes in temperate weather - appearently thought it was his and chewed the ends off the box. The camera, CD and books are fine, but I sure hope my mom and dad like it...

Saturday, December 19, 2009


We're having a big storm this weekend, really early for our area too. So our excursion to NYC was canceled - a two hour drive or train ride sounds like a poor choice with 14-18 inches predicted - and I'm home working on my paper browsing the internet for deals and baking.

Princess Charming just took Bailey across the street to play in our neighbor's fenced yard with his dogs. Snow + two dogs! What more could our little guy (who spent most of the morning curled up on a pile of couch pillows, spoiled little dude) want?

I can see the three of them running around in my neighbors yard from my seat on our couch, and am filled with joy. Amusement. Something like that. Regardless, it reminds me how much I want a baby. Is that weird?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

just call me grace

You know how I'm super coordinated and athletic and move with fluid, ballerina like motion?

Stop laughing.


When I was in high school, I once fell jogging on the sidewalk. I imagine it looked like something out of a movie, a full face forward SPLAT. I tore up one palm and my left knee, and must have thrown all my weight onto my right one because it was swollen like a softball for a week (not from twisting or anything, just a huge puffy bruise). My left knee was skinned so badly - hugely - I couldn't bend it for a week until the scab started to break up. I still have a sort of round scar from it.

Then there's July 08. And June 09. When I broke my foot. Ironically enough, without falling.

Between these events, there is a lot of laughing at my general gait, my throwing arm, and my dance moves.

So tonight, I took Bailey for a 2 mile jog. We do this a few days a week in the morning or evening on the days he doesn't have an opportunity to play/sprint/get out all that adolescent energy (so pretty much 4 days a week since he usually goes to doggie day care or my friend's house once a week, and we hit the dog park on the weekend).

And around mile 0.5, I fell.

And all I did this time was give myself a little nic in my palm and a skinned my elbow (I had on a sweatshirt, so that could have been a bit worse). And I probably scared the woman who saw me fall (and was nice enough to pull over to check on me. Her 7 yr old son had his jaw on the car floor. I guess adults don't fall?).

Two points here:
1) Does anyone else find it ironic I actually fell this time and didn't actually HURT myself?
2) I am going to attribute my injury level from this graceful sidewalk experience compared to that of over a decade ago to 9 years of rugby. I might not be a particularly high level player, but at least I've learned how to fall without bodily harm (fyi, tighten your core and try to hit knees-hips-shoulders).

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This past weekend, Princess Charming and I hosted a brunch for our college kids. Their social chair instructed them to not wear sweats and to "look cute". Apparently that means a variety of things from jeans and a tee to a skirt and high heels.

Oddly enough, both ends of this spectrum arrived in Uggs. Uggs with jeans, Uggs with skinny jeans, Uggs with a skirt, Uggs with what appeared to be an eyelet sundress (sidebar: it was 40 degrees out).

I just don't understand how these are ever cute. On anyone. Regardless of fabric.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Tired dog.

The only way to get this photo.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving, part 2

On Friday, we stopped at Block.buster with my parents to rent a couple of movies for the evening.

My mom bought these darlings for her grandkids. They're living on top of her fridge right now.

Note: she doesn't have any grandkids.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

a little late.

The usual Thanksgiving, more or less.

We drove up to NJ early Thursday morning - very early, to run a 5k with my dad! He ran it in 42 minutes, which is not shabby for a guy who hadn't exercised in 30 years until his triple bypass last spring!

Then a quick stop by the HS football game (to see the marching band...and alumni...I don't march but its fun to make the pit stop)
Followed by the usual Thanksgiving festivities.

Friday we shopping, went out to lunch, and hung out with my parents. They see Princess Charming all the time, but I'm only up there every couple of months, and they (especially mom) miss me :)

Saturday we went to the city for a bachelorette party - a show (with Zach Morris and the brother from Weeds) and then dinner (the blandest Mexican I have ever had...). And we walked around the city like tourists, even though we're all pretty local. Including three journeys through Times Square. Poor planning in my opinion. We did see the tree briefly though (unlit, clearly).
And then home decorate!

and off to the holiday season!