Tuesday, May 29, 2012

still not quite done...

We did SO much to our kitchen before moving in.
as it came. without a fridge.
Then we moved in. With 3 month old twins.  It all kind of ground to a halt.
certainly an improvement - notice the bottom half of the crown molding went up about 6 months ago!

After a couple of months, we got the cabinet hardware installed, and later most of the crown molding.

We have some friends and family coming to visit this summer, so we're really trying to finish it up.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Instant PR

This morning I ran a Memorial Day 10K in a lovely nearby community.  I have to say, this is one of the best organized races I have ever attended.  Of course, its been running longer than I have been alive, so they've had some time to perfect it!!  It was a good sized race - 3500 people between the 10k, 5k and fun runs - which is a size I love. I don't like small races -- too lonely on the course.

I started out a little fast. It was just around 80, and humid (when the race finished the car said 86, and weather.com said the heat index was 90ish while Accuweather/the paranoia network said 100). It felt good to be running without the stroller. Alas, it was hot and I am not as fit as I think (not to mention I do have mental toughness issues). I'd planned to walk the water stops, but added in walking the 1/2 and 1 mile points from 3.5 miles on.  It was rough.

I did manage to keep my overall pace under 10 min/mile, which I guess is good. (Considering I'm carrying around 20 lbs more than I was 5 yrs ago at my marathon, and 30 or 35 more than I should be, I suppose its respectable even though I am still clinging to my 40 min 5 miler PR from 2007...)

1 mi - 8:47
2 mi - 8:52
3 mi - 9:20
4 mi - 9:44
5 mi - 9:51 (see me walking more and more!)
6 mi - 9:33
0.2 mi - 2:28/9:05 pace
58:33 overall, 9:25 pace
591/934 (looks like there was 1500 or so in the 5k, but we left just before it was starting...there was also an elite (like 5 min qualifying times) mile race and a big kids' fun run)
199/409 women
F30-34: 26/47

This was my 1st ever 10k, so it is an instant PR. Score.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Outlet surgery

Because sometimes vintage isnt a good thing.

Crown molding

Everyone uses kitchen utensils to help install crown molding, right?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

$15 or so

What a difference two cans of spray paint, a small can of paint, and a brush makes...


Terrible shot - on our way to look at the house the second time.

same day
$15 or so (and 10 months)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I think part of my weight gain this year has to do with lack of sleep. I know I'm not working out like I should be/used to, but really, I don't sleep much either. Not enough anyway. It is better than it was, but I am still tired and looking for snacks a lot of days.

I need to break the sugar to stay awake cycle. Getting much more sleep isn't really in the cards at the moment, unless I start going to bed at 8 pm. I already drink a lot of caffeine via bad-for-me diet soda. Should I switch to coffee? Is that even an improvement? Thoughts?

Monday, May 7, 2012


As of May 7, I have run 224 miles this year. I've had this goal in the back of my mind since late 2007 to run 1000 miles in a year. I think I hit 700 that year, a year when I was "single," young (lol), pretty fit, and running a lot. And 20 lbs lighter than now.

To hit 1000, I'd need to run 3.26 miles/day for the remainder of the year. Just about 100 miles/month, or 25/week. I'd really need to pick it up. Should I try? I'm not sure.

I feel like a bit of a health and fitness failure these days. I've put on 20 lbs in 4.5 years, 10 of that in the last 9 months or so.

on the road again

How many times have I used that title?  I've been running 10 miles/week or so since my half in March, which is more than zero, but less than I "should" be running.

I went for a run tonight. Chris and I had taken the babies out for just over a mile, and I went back out after dinner and bedtime for another 2. It was nice. I haven't run in the evening in, well...over 9 months, since before the babies came (not on my own anyway and not this late). I felt like I was flying without the stroller.

Of course, when I checked my garmin....I ran a 9:54 and a 9:35. Right on par with normal. Sigh.