Monday, August 24, 2009

see that??

Look at my widget. 2.15 miles today. 20:15 minutes.

Today was my first run since the doctor told me my sprain was really a small fracture. 10 days ago she told me two more weeks, but close enough. She was wishy washy about it anyway, and I'm not going back (per her saying I didn't need to), so I decided to see how it went.

1 mile in 9 minutes.
4 400s at an 8 min pace (2 min per 400) with 1 min walks between them.
AND I didn't feel like dying.

Felt good. Sweated. Am now continually looking at my foot to see if it is swelling. So far so good.

Now tomorrow, we'll see how practice goes (assuming its not swollen tomorrow, which would prevent playing this weekend...)! I have a feeling short sprints will be harder having only trained with the elliptical and pool the last month +.

1 comment:

  1. Hot shoes!! Glad to see you are feeling better and that the run wasn’t painful… just felt good! Praying that the foot stays good.