Saturday, August 27, 2011

my fall half

I am sure you're all in total suspense. Am I training? Yes.
Am I training a lot? not really
Is it even enough/interesting enough to write about? No.

I did 16 miles this week, including a 6 mile long run.  After taking a couple of weeks off when the babies were born, I reworked my schedule to ditch NYC (which I still need to defer from) and work up from effectively nothing to 12 miles the week before my half. Hopefully its enough. I'm still hanging on to the see-sub-2-hrs-again dream...

As a sidebar, this is my first rugby-free season since 1999. Which is before I played rugby. This is weird and a little sad (sort of, I don't really miss the being pummeled into the ground aspect of practice),  This vast expanse of free weekends is bizarre too (and endless feedings aside, I have no idea how to fill them).

Newborn diapering

Size conundrum I mentioned in my previous post aside, I've been pretty happy with cloth diapering so far.

First, they're pretty darn cute. 
Second, Bailey has, um, snacked on a couple of used disposables. Have you ever seen pee soaked disposable diaper gel? It reminds me of that silica gel stuff used to keep new shoes and such moisture free. Everyone in our house looks at me a little weird when I talk about it, but having that stuff next to our little newborn's bottoms 24/7 kind of skeeves me out.

Anyway, Avery is in cloth about 50% now, and Quinn will be soon (eg, when I make diapering decisions).

So, a rundown of my reviews to date on our newborn diapers:

Prefolds: nice and soft, love how fast they wash/dry, cheap and absorbant. I don't love changing them since, well, they're wet, but they go on fast and I love them for when I know I'll be changing a diaper again asap (eg, before a feeding). They're also a million times better than bibs as, well, bibs. Maybe we have crappy bibs but spitup seems to roll right off of them.

Workhouse fitteds: So far s

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cloth diapers

We're slowly starting to use them, but I had to order another box of disposable newborn diapers today. Extra painful since besides all of our diapers, we have about 250 size 1 disposables awaiting little bums! Our little Quinn is just hitting 4.5 lbs now, so it'll be a good while until she fits will even in the newborn stash I got us.
fitting into a lil'joey...but not quite into the BumGenius XS yet!


Introductions to the babies - Avery & Quinn - at our mommy/ies blog.  I figure people interested in the babies probably aren't interested in my fitness issues or house remodeling.

Quinn, 1 week old

Avery, 1 week old

Update your reader to include our babies, if you're so inclined!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

moving (sort of)

For various reasons, our baby stories will be published separately (mostly so its easier to share with family etc without boring them with non-baby stuff).

Update your reader and bookmarks if you're the following type!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Our babies came at 35w1d due to a diagnosis of IUGR in Baby A (I'll go into the details some other time, but this turned out to be an excellent clinical decision).

They're little but perfect.

Monday, August 8, 2011

radio silence

I haven't posted in a while. No workout updates (and I'm deferring my NYC entry to 2012, but that's other post).

Here's why: