Wednesday, June 22, 2011

scaredy cat

And the thunderstorm fear continues.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

on the road again

This is the 4 weeks to 5k/ramp up to marathon training plan I've written myself (really its an intermediate 5k program coupled with increasing long runs to get me ready to do 10 miles in mid-July!)...I'm hoping to hit a 24 minute 5k in mid-July (which would be a huge PR, by 2 minutes per mile, so lets not kid ourselfs and remember I'd be happy with a sub-26 min 5k which would also be a PR!).

The race falls right in the first week of marathon training, so it should fit fabulously.

So here's the plan...

the 5k isn't left off...its actually the Wednesday after this plan ends!
  so. onward.

Monday, June 20, 2011

training fail, and moving and such

So just ignore my last post about my workout plan...I did about 15 miles total last week (capping at 4), and two Crossfit workouts.

In my defense, we spent the weekend packing up the house and moving it into storage (well, 85% of it...some of it is with us in NJ, and about 5% is still awaiting our removal on Friday). After 8 (combined) months on the market, our house is under contract. We're looking at a June 30 closing, less than a month from offer to end...

Its very weird.

I am less sad than I anticipated, as long as I don't think too much about the room we painted to use as a nursey that became my closet. I'm weirdly hung up on the fact we don't have a nursery for the twins. It BOTHERS me. That is nuts, I know.

On the upside, we can start looking for a new place now. Sadly, the market has continued to plummet, and our house is selling for (slightly) less than we bought it for, despite all the work we've done (and the fact two VERY similar houses sold on our block last year for 5-10% more...). So, we're a nice chunk of change poorer than we anticipated, which will make a big impact on our moving process.
Oh well.
For now, we have a lovely attic to call home.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

fall races. and 8 weeks to go.

So for this fall I'm planning to run the NYC Marathon. Sorta. The babies are coming in mid-August, so I'm trying to be open minded about deferring. BUT I am DEFINATELY doing the St Louis Half in October, so....I need to start training. It even fits perfectly with one of the two training plans I'm considering for NYC (last summer's Runner's World's 4 hr plan. because, you know, with a 16:55 2 mile time I'm TOTALLY in shape to run a 4 hr marathon. LOLsies).

I'm only doing 10-15 miles a week, capping around 5-6 miles at a pop.
Time to get moving on up. I basically have until the week of July 17 to get fit and get my long run up to 10 miles and my weekly base to 25 miles.

July 17 is in a month. That's 5 running weeks, counting this week.  I've run 4 miles this week. And stopped a million times.
Is this a bad idea?
I'm not sure.
But here it goes.
Plan for the rest of the week is 3 3-4 milers and a 7 miler this weekend. That'll put me to at least 20.

and, for the record, if you've been following my weight loss commentary...
I haven't lost an ounce. Still going back to WW though. Again. (OK, technically I weight 2 lbs less than what I did 11 months ago, but we all know 2 lbs is a salty meal).
Seriously though, I need to lose this 15-25 lbs before I give the unborn babies complexes at age 2.

Monday, June 6, 2011

running gear review

who doesn't love a good (completely unsolicited and uncompensated-purchased-by-me) review?

Oh hail the Bondi Band & Spi Belt.

I got my SpiBelt for Christmas from my wife, sort of a tag along to the new Droid phone I got in late December which is (great &) way too big for my old belt.  Love. This this is amazing. It looks tiny, but it really hold a ton. I usually pop my phone and keys into it, and have also added a gu. It could easily hold a couple plus my standard stuff. It doesn't seem to stretch out of shape either. Major love. My only issue is it isn't water proof, but its nothing a zip lock baggie for the phone can't cure!!  Also, it REALLY doesn't bounce! I like to wear it fairly low, more like a low slung belt (high hips) than a waist belt (which is how gear belts tend to ride) and it really does stay put when I have it tight enough and properly lined up in the small of my back. Love I tell you.

The BondiBands are a more recent purchase, sort of an impulse buy at the MORE expo.  I had read about them online (as being terrific) and was still skeptical.  Color me suprised. They really do stay put. Totally worth the money, and I'm toying with ordering more so I can launder these more often when they're all sweaty and gross in the summer.  I have a big head and they more than fit, very comfortably. I usually roll the edges slighty, and have also folded them in half for a more narrow headband. Amazingness. They do leave my hair a little matted looking after a run, but I am so beyond gross at that point its really a moot point. They're also not bad as a little ear warmer for chillier morning, and easy to push back as you get warm! Another win!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Quite literally.

Today I did a local 2 miler with my family.  All the stats aren't posted yet, but I won my age group with a time of 16:55.  I can't help but wonder a smidge

Saturday, June 4, 2011

babies babies babies.

I'm super obsessed. Like I have little else to talk about besides diapers and babies. And my workout schedule but that's nothing new. Maybe if my job was more...engaging I'd talk about that too. But mostly, its all babies, all the time.
we promised one of our players we wouldn't call them Double Trouble. But the ultrasound tech missed the memo.

Friday, June 3, 2011


we need to find doggie day care here. what is our baby going to do when the babies come?