Tuesday, August 18, 2009

goals for the weeks

I really should number these things.

Last week was a big fail.

Kitchen paint mistakes clean up - Nope
Paint den ceiling -Its 2/3 done.
Lift 3 times - just 2
3 cardio sessions - hm. I can't really remember. 1 I think, plus 2 30 min walks with the dog.
A positive visit to the podiatrist that clears me for rugby camp this weekend - 2 more weeks till I'm allowed to run, and even then I'm suppossed to "take it easy".

So moving on to this week...
I'm aiming for the same - kitchen cleaning, paint den, lifting and some cardio - but am going to (watch) practice Tues/Thurs night, so we'll see. I do have all weekend free so maybe that'll help :)

3 weeks till classes start. Eek.

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