Sunday, June 29, 2014

Try try again

So we decided to try to have another baby. 

We aren't having one at the moment, but since the internetz have been helpful to me in term of reading stories, I feel like should reciprocate. 

In early fall 2013, I did my battery of bloodwork again (I had done it in 2010 shortly before my wife got pregnant; I did one IUI that year). I did an HSG as well, and got a stamp of approval. 

Since I appear to be quite healthy, we went with a natural IUI cycle. My instructions were to use OPKs and go for a check and IUI (due to our spern availability we are just doing one IUI per cycle, not the two this clinic does as standard). 

I'd been "practicing" for a couple of months, and never got a positive OPK. So, this cycle, I peed every 6 hrs. I had one sorta kinda positive around lunchtime, and on the advice of the on call doc, who I called sort of in a panic when my evenin OPK was very negative, I went in the next morning. Bloodwork and ultrasound confirmed ovulation was imminent, and we did the IUI, but alas no luck. I did burn through a lot of HPTs testing out my trigger and looking for anything though...

To be continued...