Tuesday, December 18, 2012

holiday tipping

I'm kind of a cheapskate, but the internetz (and Emily Post?) tell me that some people tip mailmen, garbage men, and other similar service people...

A woman on a message board I follow was nice enough to tip her mailman (I've never even met our mailperson, so sorry if you're out there, no tip for you) and this is the thanks she got.

I'll stick with tipping my hairdresser (and a special tip to daycare for the holidays).

Monday, December 3, 2012

first week

So my first week of weight watchers was a mixed bag.
Downside: no weight loss. I actually was down 1.5 lbs on Friday, but then ran out of "extra" points and didn't track all weekend. fail. so back to where I started.

Upside: I've determined my HUGE issue is I eat almost no fruits and veggies and a SHITTON of candy and other assorted bad for you things. Omg. I don't even LIKE candy that much.

So here is my December goal:
(pretending this weekend didn't happen)
Stick within my WW points (including activity and weekly) for the entire month.  I'd like to aim to lose 5% of my weight (about 8.5 lbs) by Jan 1, but I know that is a stretch.. so sticking with points will be it for now!