Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bathroom Facelift, Done!

For the past couple of weeks, we've been doing a facelift on our bathroom (part 1 - demo, part 2 - plumbing & tub tile, part 3 - fixtures & walls, part 4 - reinstalling).

This weekend, we did the finishing touches- new paint, hardware, and a shower curtain!

Here's the before:

And here's our afters!!
Re-tiled shower, new fixtures, and new curtain!
We added a line of subway tile amid the 4x4 squares for visual interest, kept original black border to add some vintage flair, and got a new vertically striped shower curtain to add height to the room. 
New flooring, beadboard to replace more awesome green tile, and new towel racks & toilet paper holders!
More beadboard...and the medicine cabinet is also original (the smallest options at the hardware store were too big!).

Our budget for the bathroom was $500. We didn't need to replace the toilet or sink, we have tile-tools from our kitchen facelift, and we borrowed my dad's wet saw, so we thought it was doable.

And it was!! We came close to blowing it since we needed a new TP rack and "stuff" rack for the shower, but I found them on sale for under $20 each at Target, as well as a new shower curtain for $20 less than this one that I love (but lucky for our budget, doesn't quite match the paint we picked recycled from our bedroom.)
Plumbing: $127.94
Tile: $109.50
Flooring: $55.45
Walls: $103.93
Total: $494.52



  1. Looks great! You girls are awesome. I kinda like the light above the medicine cabinet!