Sunday, February 28, 2010

Training Week 3

Monday, 3 miles easy, with the pup & lifting (2A1)
Tuesday, unplanned day of rest
Wednesday, lifting  (2B1) with 1.45 miles of HIIT, and 2.5 miles easy with the pup
Thursday, lifting (2A2)
Friday, 3 miles easy, with the pup
Saturday, planned day of rest
Sunday, 7 mile long run (last 2 with pup)

Overall, A-. I did my lifting and mileage, but I subbed the HIIT + easy for my 4 tempo, and the 3 easy on Friday for my speedwork. I did run a big hill twice so I guess that is good.

My eating was not weight-loss friendly at all, so that was a fail...restarting that goal this week. Man it was a fun weekend though :)

Fitness goals for this week:
3 Easy
5 Tempo
8 Long
and lifting three times...

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