Sunday, February 7, 2010

week 1

OK, I have no idea how to fix my schedule.

So this week, the plan!

4x800 at 10k pace
3 miles, easy
5 miles, tempo
5 miles, easy

And I plan to lift 3 times.
Based on my reach goal of 1:50, my goal splits for this week are as follows (I'll do the speed workouts on the treadmill, no incline despite the debate on that) - I put my goal into the McMillian calculator to give my splits as though that were my race time - these are the training splits it spit out:
800s - 3:38 - 3:48 (7.9-8.3)
Tempo - 8:03-8:24  per mile (7.2-7.5)

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