Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bathroom Facelift Part 2

Onward to Sunday morning (tile demo was Saturday night)...

We cut away the lower portion of the backerboard to get rid of the parts where there was a bit of mold and some holes from the grab bar.  If we were staying here, we would probably replace the whole thing, but there's a lot of things we'd do differently in this!  But the top part was in good shape and had no water damage, so we kept it.

The bigger part of this day, however, was replacing the fixtures. The old ones were pretty corroded, and we had done some patching last summer to stop a leak.

Yuck. As part of the repair last summer, the decaying backboard was replaced, but the old piping remained.

The original non-moving plan was to re-route this to a single handle control with a temperature regulator but, well, see above...So...

Shiny and new! You can even tell it is brass! Woot.

This was a great project for me - time consuming, but my dad, the handiest of homeowners, taught me how to sweat pipe! See that propane tank on the hallway floor (past the pipes!)? Its attached to my torch!
I think it is quite the accomplished Sunday when you cut a bunch of copper pipe and solder seven joints!

And Sunday night....

Princess Charming and I tiled the surround!
We went with basic white for neutrality as well as budget - you can't beat 16 cents per 4x4 tile! I love the 3x6 subway tiles we added for an accent and to give the illusion of a bit of height to the bathroom (I about fell out of my chair in jealousy when I saw Young House Love putting in the tub surround I dream about!), but they're just too pricey (at 36ish cents each, hah!) for a house we won't be in for long.   The black trim on the top was salvaged from our demo!

Monday's project (since I was off, woohoo!!) was grouting, and returning extra materials (except the extra cement board I don't trust myself to transport alone without cracking it) to the hardware store, which I visited no less than 7 times over the 3 day weekend (lucky for me, it is 1.1 miles from our house!).

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