Sunday, February 21, 2010

Training Week 2

Monday: Planned Day of Rest
Tuesday: un-Planned Day of Rest. Oops.
Wednesday: NROLFW 1A8. 3 miles with the pup, 33 min. I blame the narrow sidewalks and curb snow to climb ;)
Thursday: 2.2 miles on the treadmill with 1 mile warm up then 4x400 with 60 second walk breaks. 2 miles with the pup, 21 minutes (see above). This was supposed to be a 4 mi tempo run, but I left work too late to get it in before class so I did what I figured was most efficient.
Friday: NROLFW 1B8. Stage 1, done
Saturday & Sunday, Fail.

Dammit. I just lacked motivation this weekend. I need to start doing all my runs midweek I think. We did get our carpet ripped out and host a 200 person collegiate rugby clinic though!

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