Friday, January 1, 2010

on new years

not on, but about.

My goal - not resolution, goal - for 2010 is to PR is SOME race (preferably a half) and get back to my "marathon" weight (a scant 10 lbs).

I was hoping to PR in Austin in Jan like I did in Jan 08, but injury and laziness and busy-ness have made that unlikely. I will be happy with a 2 hr race. I haven't run a two hour half since pre-injury in 2008. Then perhaps a PR in NJ in May?

Also, I resolve - this is a resolution - to not get overly emotionally involved with rugby (eg, my performance issues) as it is in all likelihood my last season.

And to look forward to all 2010 MAY bring...qualifyingexamlastclassnewjobsellinghouseproposaldefensedissertationstatusnewhousebaby...2010 I welcome you.

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