Sunday, January 10, 2010

getting back on track

One of my goals for 2010 (I really should write these out in better form) is to run 1000 miles. I hesitate to "resolve" it or whatever, since it is dependent on other thing breaking my foot again. But it is a goal, which requires running about 20 miles a week. Reasonable (I think. Ask me again in late April when my papers are due and it is the middle of spring season for the team I coach and the team I play for AND it is our busiest season at work. Why exactly am I registered for a May 2 half marathon? But I digress).

So this morning, I went out for a ten mile run. I am 70% on program for my Jan. half in Austin in two weeks (perk of this race - which I just hope to run well and know I can't aim to PR on, but my best time since the foot break will do - get to see one of my bridesmaids/only college friend I'm in regular contact with and give her baby gifts! They're due in Feb! woot!).  I missed a whole week of running over the holiday (at least I snowboarded a bunch, right?).  So this week, no excuses.

I left at 7:50 or so since we were having family over for a late Christmas celebration. About 5 minutes in, I passed a bus company with one of those time/temperature signs, and it said 12. That can't be right, right? I'm wearing full Under Armour tights and a light windbreaker, cotton gloves and a headband. It wasn't that bad out.

Fast forward 30 minutes.
Why are my legs going numb?

Pass sign again.

Hm. So I stop at home for water and to warm up. says 17, "feels like" 7.
Hm. Ok then. Glad I didn't look before leaving.
Then I did another 5 miles, for a total of 10.1.

Crazy. Seriously.

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