Monday, January 18, 2010

born to run

Distance run that is.
Well, sort of. I'm not exactly Ryan Hall.
But I certainly am better at distance than short! Based on my best half marathon time, I should be able to run a 24 minute 5k. That is elusive by over 2.5 minutes....which is a lifetime in a 5k.

Anyway, today I got in a 10 mile long run for my half next weekend. As par for the course for my recent races, I'm somewhat undertrained, but on the upside, I am not injured (fingers crossed!) and haven't been in some months! Woohoo! I should have done it Sunday, but....blame it on the rain, rain, rain!

The first 3 miles were torture. Then I felt good until mile 7. Feeling good at a point past the fitness-running distance always makes me feel like distance running is a good fit for me, even if I don't "look" like a "runner" (no part of me will ever be petite and slender, except perhaps the parts in my sports bra and my (quite nice) fingers). Then I basically wanted to curl up and go to sleep, a reminder than I am somewhat undertrained. But overall, despite several (ok, 14ish) stops to stretch various parts (and pant at the top of hills) and two water breaks, my pace was ok (disclaimer: I stop my watch when I stop). And I feel good now.

So, fingers crossed, maybe I can run my first-post-injury 2 hr half this weekend?

(if my cold, pretty please, maintains its mildness?)

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