Tuesday, January 5, 2010

another one bites the dust

Of the handful of HS friends I am still in touch with, just a couple are not married yet. Last weekend, two of my former band-mates tied the knot. Since it was Christmas weekend, I went alone since Princess Charming was in St. Louis with her family and I was meeting them in Colorado (in retrospect, we should have sprung for the extra plane tickets for me to go to StL for Christmas, and her to come to the wedding, but oh well).

What a lovely wedding...and lucky weather, given the surrounding days - 40 and sunny!

Mustang Band Alumni and Current Staff 
(the Bride is an assistant director for our HS marching band)

Me, the Bride &  My Best Friend From High School 
(the long name I use to identify her to people who don't know her!)

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