Monday, June 1, 2009

babies everywhere

two people in my office are pregnant. Actually, that's not true. One is pregnant, and one has an expecting wife. And the new guy (who supposedly started but I haven't actually seen yet) also has an expecting wife so I hear...all due by August. Several of our friends have babies. Some two since they've been married. All of these folks have gotten married since we started dating. In 2006. Oye. (Sadly, none of these babies live near us.) A couple of others are TTC, and there's lots of impending babies on the internets I keep up with.

We were planning on getting started around now, but with the living situation, we need to put it off a year at least. Till I move or will be moving. It would be crazy to be home alone and pregnant (or with a newborn) several nights a week, right? right? (sometimes I think it might be doable, provided I'm not taking classes, but the logistics of train + daycare are pretty...daunting)

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