Thursday, June 25, 2009

the big C

One of my oldest friend's mom was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer today. She was treated a few years ago for breast cancer, but now it has spread to her liver. Scary. Very scary.

My mom had late stage II breast cancer in October 2001. Almost 8 years now. She had a single mastectomy, then there was a few months of chemo, then a summer of radiation. I was away for all of it, at college, except the first chemo. I was home for Christmas, and the grilled cheese I made in the microwave made her sick from the smell. A big selfish part of me is kind of glad I was gone so I didn't have to cope with the realities every day, and also so I didn't have to explain my lack of emotion. I don't do emotional well. I "prefer" to bottle up my "upset-ness" and instead lash out at inconsequential things, like trash cans left on the curb, undone laundry, or late trains.

MR's Mom is joining my mom (both in spirit, my mom isn't walking 60 miles) as my Women of Honor for the 3-day Walk this fall. Which reminds me, I need to get on fundraising...I'm at 25% of my $2300 goal. There's a donate button to the right... :)

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