Sunday, May 31, 2009

fitness D-

While D- exists at only a few institutions, I'm going with it. Did 7 of 15 planned miles this week, 1 of 2 lifting workouts, and 0 HIIT workouts (but I did go to 7s practice, that's close, right?). Better than last week overall, and since I felt like caca today thanks to the pollen, I'm going to take it.

This week:

Week 1 of my 16 week "Smart Coach" ( half marathon program. A little tougher than Hal Higdon's novice program but more realistic for me than the 5 day/week intermediate program. 2 2 miles, 1 5 miler, and 1 7 miler this week.

2 days lifting (T/Th)

2 HIIT (really.)

Week one of the 100 pushups program. I think I'm going to try for level 2 but might move down to level 1. Plan is to do this M/W/F am after the puppy's short walk.

I have some new motivation, after a massive shopping failure this weekend. I did get a pair of (larger sized) capris and heels at Kohls...I don't usually like department stores for clothes, but since I was looking for pants I hope to only fit into this summer, I decided to bit the bullet. I've been in the market for red patent heels for a while to replace my (sob) broken slingbacks, and just stumbled upon them. Synthetic and plastic soles, and black heels not covered, but for $22.50, I'll take them. I also found a pair of yellow patent peeptoe kittenheels for $6. Out of character for me but Very summer.

Part B of my motivation: swapping out my winter/summer clothes in the closet. I re-discovered my collection of cute dresses, but sadly, by black silk polka dot and gray linen dresses are too small now...damned sleeves (thank goodness most of my summer stuff is sleeveless and just calls for cardigans and scarves for work...).

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