Wednesday, June 3, 2009

weekend nerves

This weekend I'm seeing my parents for the first time in a couple of months. I haven't told them about the whole melanoma thing yet. Seem silly? Yes. Am I nervous? Yes. Why? Because they'll be mad I didn't tell them two months ago. So why didn't I tell them yet/when it was going on/etc?

Because I did not need my mole to be the collapse of the Roman Empire, and decided it would be less stressful to tell them after everything was done and I was cured (or, worst case, when I had to get more done, but that didn't happen). Then it didn't seem right to say on the phone. Now though, in light of our impending trip to the boat, the time has come. I know its not really a huge deal, but there's just no good way to say "surprise, I had melanoma" and its not the kind of thing you put in a card. Sigh. Can't I just avoid it and pretend they won't notice the 4 inch scar on my shoulder blade?

1 comment:

  1. That's going to be an interesting conversation... Maybe you can tell them it was a tattoo gone wrong? ;)

    I sort of wish I had your humor and strength though--that will make it easier!

    (And can I mention I thought about you during Relay? You were one of the people I Relayed for! And I'm so relieved that the worst case scenario was just that, and we're clear. As always, you rock.)