Monday, June 15, 2009

the big problems in my life

really aren't all that big. I know I'm lucky that this is my major dilemma in life.

I have a big scheduling problem.

Part A: I am taking two classes this fall. I've done this for a couple of semesters now in my quest to be the fastest (or among them) part time doctoral student in GSE history, and its stressful for the latter half of the semester. Fall = rugby is in the first half, so not that bad...except I'm taking ProSem, which essentially requires a draft of the first three chapters of my dissertation to be written (well, of A dissertation, but in light of my timeline desires, I'd like it to be a USEFUL major project).

Part B: One class is late afternoons Tuesday, ending at 6:30. This means I can't go home to get my car (an hour trip each way) between work and practice. Manageable (somehow) though.

Part C: I really like working with the college team. They practice Monday and Thursday. This is a problem, as Princess Charming, the head coach, doesn't work nearby anymore and is hard pressed to make their practices. And my team practices Tues & Thurs.

Part D: Our game schedules overlap 5 times (of a 8 game or so season). Not tragic, Princess Charming can go to the DU games while I go play...

Part E: My club team has games in Orlando, Boston, undertermined playoff location, and if we go all the way, San Francisco...that's a lot of plane tickets/long drives. $$$ + time (see part A).

Part F: Can I really commit to train to play at a level where a) I would get some playing time for the games in Part E and b) can I even compete? Am I athletic enough to consider this? Do I even want to? Sigh. Part of me says a big YES especially as this is likely to be my last competitive D1 season, since I'd like to be pregnant or in the process of getting so for Fall 2010...
Does that desire outweight my desire to work with the college team? After the heartwarming experience with the select side last weekend (more later perhaps), I'm not sure. I also feel guilty, as club president, for not being sure if I want to commit to more than Developmental (read: B-Side) games at home...

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  1. I'm really bad about scheduling way too many things too. I'll be interested to see how you juggle it all!