Thursday, June 18, 2009


I finally located some motivation. Headed out for a run after work, planning on doing 3, picking up the puppy for 2 more, popping by the dog park for 20 min, lifting, then going to intermediate doggy class.

And then I stepped funny on the edge of grass/sidewalk. Audible pop. Walked the mile home. Let the dog out. Spent 30 minutes obsessing over swelling, trying to remember what the break did (pain & time wise) 11 months ago, and mentally planning what I would do about work if I ended up on crutches again.

4 hours later, I'm still mobile, so I have pretty good confidence I just sprained some little ligament like I did in January. Apparently I really weakened something when I broke that 5th metatarsal. Its still sore to walk on though, so while we did go to the dog park & puppy class, I missed that other 2 miles and the lifting. Maybe tomorrow. Heck, maybe Saturday, since if it doesn't feel 90% better by tomorrow, I'm not driving 3+ hrs each way for the 7s tournament.


It was a good run too, 2 miles under 9 minutes despite the humidity. Another 0.25 mi. Then a hobble home. Sigh.

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  1. ouch, now my ankle hurts. i'm going to need some doggie pictures. :)

    ps hello!