Tuesday, June 30, 2009

up and down

The summer semester will be over in less than 12 hours since I've opted out of class summer session II. I kind of love summer school, because the classes are a little lower maintenance...the final project for this class is a poster presentation (I am clearly not that artistically inclined and much prefer powerpoint...). Quite a bit less work than the 20 pagers I typically write. Maybe I should have taken more classes from the counseling department...Regardless, I'm pretty excited about my 8 school-free weeks. Maybe I can tackle my inbox at work now...

In the down...
About 2 weeks ago I stepped off a curb and twisted my foot again. Its still swollen. I am getting worried. Its not a trick of lighting that there's visible veins on my left foot and not on my right... I'm getting tired of the elliptical, but every time I try to run, the swelling gets worse.

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