Tuesday, March 1, 2011

on the move

Our house is up for sale again.  For three weeks now. We listed at 2.5% less than the Summer of 60 Showings And No Offers Even Though The Neighbors Houses Both Sold, which puts us in a new price bracket.  Thing is, with having bought just 3 years ago, we only have about another 2.5% to go before we forfeit our down payment after closing costs and Realtor fees are accounted for. I think I need to accept this might be a reality.  I've already accepted we'll lose every dime we put in (tree removal, ac, electric panel, etc). Thank goodness our "big" updates (kitchen, bath, den, floors) were super budget friendly.

Fingers crossed. I don't want to live in my parents' attic forever, so we really need to walk away with something. Oh, the attic you say? yeah, more on that later.

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