Monday, February 21, 2011

The Conception Chronicles: Switch Up

This is the eighth installment in a short series about baby making.

After the chemical pregnancy disappointment, we decided to give poor Princess Charming's ovaries a break (and they remained swollen from the meds...).

So we gave it a shot with me.

In short, I am not reproductively exciting.   I had a simple CD3 check up and a simple CD 13 check up with a 20+mm follicle. One nice, mature follicle, just like is supposed to be there, ready to ovulate around CD 14.

I am so freaking normal.

So I triggered with a shot - which was interesting, though not as hard as I anticipated (it did upset the dog though) -   and we did the IUI.  The weirdest part of the whole experience was feeling myself ovulate - KAPO - driving to practice 22 hours after my trigger shot. And my lord did that thing make my boobs sore.

Then I proceeded to blow about $50 on pregnancy tests, since we did this smack in the middle of rugby season and I had a plane ticket to nationals for the day of my bloodwork. I didn't want to turn up for the game and have to tell my captain I couldn't play, so the obvious solution was to test twice a day from 10dpiui on. I would also like to point out you shouldn't need to pee TOO bad before you pee on a stick, because if you get the part where the result goes wet the whole thing is wasted. You also need to get ENOUGH pee on said stick.

Also, like any good maybe-pregnant-lady, I calculated my theoretical EDD. It turned out to be right around my birthday. We inseminated on my mom's birthday.

Alas, I am not expecting a little nugget in July. I like to think I'm not broken and just had bad luck.
We blamed it on the sperm and started looking for a new donor.

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  1. I wish I was as "normal" and "boring" as you! The RE did an u/s on CD11 and the biggest follie was 12mm. What. The. Eff. :/ Meh. Grass is always greener I guess! :D