Wednesday, March 2, 2011

rejection and the attic

Remember how I couldn't find a job? Or an interview?
Well, 50 or so applications (Jan-Nov. 2010) and 6 interviews later (July, Aug x 2, November x 2, Jan) things have turned around.

I am still a little insulted I received exactly three rejection notices this whole time though, only one being from a job I actually interviewed for (twice, for a total of 5 hours!). How hard is it to tell someone, "sorry, we don't like you"?

Anyway, I did finally get a job, in my field of preference (Institutional Research). It is in NYC, so I'm having to deal with the escalators...still not the money I was hoping, but the field is right and it is a step in the right direction (annoying commute aside).

Of course, this means we have to finally move on from PA and get a new place in NJ. Given that we don't make oodles of money nor have oodles in the bank, we're staying with my parents until our house sells and we can get a new one (being a contingent buyer just isn't an option for us). Hence, the attic.

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