Tuesday, March 22, 2011

most boring post ever, part 2

a follow up

I've actually been on track the last two weeks, not exactly as in my schedule but doing all my miles. I did only do 10 & 10, not 11 and 12, for long runs like I wanted, but I know that was ambitious for someone who was running 7-10 miles/week 8 weeks ago (I've been over 20 all month, woot). One more 10+ this weekend - hopefully without a break in the middle for a conference call or an open house stop by, teehee - then the race.

I'm promising myself to enjoy the race and not stress about time or beat myself up if I don't hit my 2 hr dream(ish, this used to be easy) goal. I'm still 15 lbs heavier than my last (good) half, and I'm certainly not running 30+ mpw. So a good race would be nice.

I do PLAN to hit 90 minutes at the Broad Street 10 Miler in May though!!

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