Sunday, July 18, 2010

a week in training

Monday: planned rest from running. Did 4 miles & Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance

Tuesday: planned 4 miles with intervals, did 4 miles easy and Insanity Pure Cardio. I think I also lifted about 25 minutes this day, a quick full body routine.

Wednesday: planned 5 miles with 3 miles of tempo. Did Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit.

Thursday: planned 5 miles with 3 miles of tempo at 8:54 pace. Did 4.95 miles with a mile warm up and 3 rounds of 200/400/600 with 1/2/3 minutes of walking rest between (and a couple of complete stops. It was freaking hot. 4 pm, poor decision). The pace was around 8:00/mi for the intervals, floating up and down based on length and hill direction. Ok I guess. 51 minutes total (10:24 page).

Friday: planned day of rest from running. Did just that amid the long drive to Ohio.

Saturday: planned 8 mile long run. Did 3.59 outside with my sister in law's boyfriend, and 2.4 on the treadmill. 62 minutes total (10:24 overall pace, which depresses me but IS on track based on the 10:30 listed on my program), the 2 more a few hours later on the treadmill for a total of 8 (we had to meet family for lunch; I should have started earlier...though I admit I was miserable after the first 6). A lot of walking. Sore and tight (I guess from Thursday & the 11 hr car ride?). And hot. But finished my 21 miles for the week!!

Sunday, more rest and the return drive to PA.

A good week for running completion, if somewhat deviant from the plan. A half week for the Insanity program, making the first two weeks basically a 60% completion. Whoops. Better than nothing I guess.

Up next week:

5 easy, 2x1 mile at 8:25, 4 easy, 8 long.

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