Saturday, July 24, 2010

holy moly it is hot

Today was supposed to be my long run (8 miles this week). I slept through my alarm, and didn't get up until 9. Whoops. It was already 86, so I decided to nix that and do my interval workout instead. Whether or not this is a logical swap, I am not sure, but the benefit of walk breaks built into the run makes sense to me!!

As of when I returned, per (and still rising, its only 11:15 right now and supposed to hit 96 with a heat index as high as 108. Have I mentioned this is Philadelphia (metro) not Houston!!?)
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
Feels Like: 97°

It was actually a pretty good run though, and somewhat better than the same one last Thursday. This might be in part to the fact I aimed to run the intervals on the downhills (hey, I walked up them!!), in part to the fact I had the foresight to carry water (more on that later), and in part due to the fact I haven't done any plyos all week thanks to our AC issue (I'll explain that more another day when I feel like whining).

Per Mr. Garmin:
The workout was a warm up, 200/400/600 with 1/2/3 minute walks for rest between, and a cool down. I also stopped (and stopped my watch) to stretch and just cool off after the warm up and each 600. The last 600 left me a little nauseous, so it was more like 200/400/200/400 in that last interval (but recorded as 600 since I stopped my watch, cheaterhead I am).
Warmup: 1.55mi, 15:08 (9:46/mi)
Intervals: 0:53/2:01/3:03, 1:02/2:05/3:16, 0:59/2:00/3:10. Pretty consistently just around and a bit over the 8:00/mi pace, and since that's my dream 5k pace to my actual 5k pace, I think I did well (downhill balances out heat, right?). The first 200 was a 6:53 pace (!!) which is my best ever and I'm proud of. I might do more of those next week seeing as rugby is starting soon.
Cooldown: 0.57 mi, 5:38 (9.51/mi)
Overall, a 10:30 pace (counting walk breaks but not stoppages), exactly on target for the Easy run my program listed which I replaced. Score!

Now about the water...this is probably the best choice I've made this week, and its what saved this run from being totally shitty. I was able to drink during every walk break & stoppage, and finished the water literally a block from home.
Thanks Camelback!
Camelbak Flashflo 45 ounce Pack Hydration
my model has an external fill spout, which is great, but not an extra pocket (so I just stick my phone in with the bladder!)
The only downside is it requires being worn high on the waist (to prevent bounce) so its sort of channeling the 80's...but I'm not exactly looking amazing running anyway :)

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