Sunday, July 25, 2010

training, week 2

Plan: 5 easy, 2x1 mi, 4 easy, 8 long. And a week's worth of Insanity (which is 5 days this week) and two days of lifting.

Monday: 2x1 mile, sort of. I think my warm up was too fast, and perhaps I have mental issues on the treadmill? I did it inside due to the heat and humidity, but it turned out to be 3x800 + 2x400 with 30 second stops for the mid-mile points and a 4 min walk break between miles (roughly half the time I was running). Total, 3.31 miles in 31:56 without counting stoppage.

Tuesday:  25 min of lifting. snatches, single leg deadlift, bent over row, wide squats with dumbbells, incline bench. 3x6 of each. I was supersetting and probably going too fast, but I had to get back to work.

Wednesday: 4 miles easy. It was 92. "feels like 96". I wanted to puke after mile 2 and walk-runned the rest of it. I also stopped 5 or 6 times. My core temp must have been through the roof, plus I was wearing a black tee & didn't have a hat or sunglasses. When will I learn? 39:16 without stoppage. Thumbs down in general.

Thursday: 25 min of lifting. bent row with lift, wide grip lat pulldown, single leg squat (this is a joke for me given my flexibility), back extension, shoulder raises. 3x6.

Friday: nothing, except a mile walk home from the train. You'll note I haven't done Insanity all week. This is directly related to our lack of AC. The house hasn't been under 82 all week, even at the crack of dawn, and is hotter midday. Thanks insulation for working in the summer only. I only have the mental energy to convince myself to do one insane thing a week, and running outside when it is 90+ won.

Saturday: interval workout. Overall, 5.4 miles in 57 minutes.

Sunday: 8 mile long run. This basically sucked ass. I started out with the plan of doing 4/1 run walk intervals (it was 86 already, plus I haven't done much over 4-5 miles in a long time), with stops on the even miles. Lets just say a stopped more. I ran 82 minutes and was gone about an hour and 45. That's kind of embarrassing. But on the upside, I don't have heat stroke since the stops helped keep my core temp down :-) 

Total for the week: 20.8 miles, a few tenths short of the plan.

So here's a question for the week:
How the heck do my running shoes get so dirty?? I  don't take them anyplace, well, dirty until they're already old!
Left pair: owned 2 weeks, 15 miles. Right Pair, owned 4 months, 300ish miles.

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