Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It is just about time to start training for the Philly Distance Run in September!!

One of the running bloggers I follow, Mrs.CJ, has just been invited to a racing team! I am so inspired since just 2 yrs ago she was running about my pace!! (In fact, her first half marathon was just a smidge faster than my 90 degree one, so perhaps I am a little faster than she was in early 2008?? Not that it matters since she'd SMOKE me now!)

I decided I'm going to use the half marathon plan in the new Runner's World for my fall half. It is aimed at a 2 hr finish time, my elusive goal since my first foot injury just shy of 2 years ago. Its not online, so I'm going to try to remember to scan it at work this week, but in essence it is 2-3 easy runs a week, one speedwork run (tempo or intervals) and a long run. Its a ten week plan, so I'm going to try to do most of the first week this coming week and basically do week 1 twice. Its going to be CRAZY hot for Philly though, so we'll see :)

Week 1 is 2 4 mile easy runs (10:30 pace), 5 miles tempo with three at 8:54, and an 8 mile long run (10:30 pace), so I think I'll look to do that with 6 or 7 instead this Saturday.

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