Monday, July 26, 2010

The Kids Are Alright

We splurged this weekend for a movie in the theater...who can resist an independent film (that is actually getting press) about a lesbian couple!

The movie was, almost surprisingly, really quite funny. While poor Annette was sometimes dressed in some unfortunate clothes (and I can't excuse even a hippie for naming their kid Laser), we really enjoyed the film. I've read a couple of review complaining about the sexual relationship with Mark Ruffalo's character, but I really didn't have an issue with the story line. Sexuality is fluid, and the center of the story was the difficulties of marriage and being together for years and year and enduring the stress and strains of everyday life.

I've already added it to our Netflix queue to see again (not to mention put out some extra support), and hope it goes into wide release soon.

I'll leave you with a favorite line:
Laser: I don't think you two should break up.
Momses: Why?
Laser: You're too old.

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  1. Brian and I want to see this. I hope it comes to our dinky town. Glad to hear a positive review!