Saturday, March 6, 2010

weekend shopping

We both took a long weekend, for no particular reason....basically extended lazy date time since we hardly ever see each other, and the start of rugby season means that time will cut in half to probably one weekend day and one weekday evening a week (counting Friday). So yesterday we did a lot of food shopping and I think picked out a rug at Home Depot. We haven't quite committed yet but I'm pretty confident that'll be it.

Today, we got more peet pellets and an extra mini-greenhouse at the hardware so I can start some flowers along with the veggies I'm starting - hopefully to save us a few dozen greenbacks on our curb appeal!  Then we went to B&N for some windowshopping/browsing.

And we bought this book:

Kind of a weird purchase for folks who aren't expecting, but its amazing and includes "sibling" names (which is cool because I figure if you don't like the names that "go" with a name, it doesn't really make sense to go with the name) and lists like "Last Name First," "Italian," and "Why Not." Love it.

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  1. That is an amazing book. I've had it for years!