Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Census

I'm a nerd. No big secret. I really enjoy the Census reports, seeing the population change, seeing the predictions as to where the country will go (or rather, what it will be) in 20, 30, even 50 years.  I'm currently doing a little project for my policy class that requires reviewing some Census data. Fun.

Andddd the 2010 Census is coming up!  Be sure to be counted! Its anonymous -- and for those of you of non-heterosexual persuasions/orientations/lifestyles/however you prefer to call it - be especially sure to be counted! The better the count of The Gays equals better chances in the pursuit of equality. And really, all I want is to not pay extra taxes none of my married coworkers pay on their health insurance for their families!

Here's a brief primer on being counted correctly, and the most pertinent info:
Same-sex couples can come out on the census form. If you consider yourself to be married, check the “husband or wife” box. Same-sex couples that consider themselves to be partners should check the “unmarried partner” box. In both cases, couples must also correctly identify their gender to be counted as part of a same-sex couple.

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