Monday, March 22, 2010

good dog

Or not.

We love our Bailey like a baby. I'm sure he'll be second seat when we have an actual kid, but for right now, he gets new toys and special trips to the park and a heck of a lot of attention.

So you can imagine my horror when we returned from some errands on Sunday to find an empty brownie pan on the floor. I admit half my horror was from the fact I was planning on making sundaes with that half tray....

But an hour or so after this discovery, our semi-lethargic dog got me worries (nevermind that he'd had a pretty busy weekend and is typically lethargic on Sunday evenings).  A call to the emergency vet, a trip to CVS for hydrogen peroxide, and a good puke later, we were on our way to the e-v (what does one call an emergency vet for short), since many calculations and some confusion about the type of brownie mix and amount of added chocolate chips led the vet to think Bailey had probably had a high enough dose to warrent treatment. I kind of think he would have fine with just the hydrogen peroxide - which revealed he ate most of the brownie whole - but I know if I got home from work today to a pup in a coma or worse, I'd be beside myself with guilt. So, it was a $374 batch of brownies ($1 mix, $1 ingredients, $2 hydrogen peroxide, $369 at the vet).

He is cute though.

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