Sunday, March 14, 2010

training week 5, done

Sorta. Well its done, just not great. My schedule looks weird because I totally deviated from what I was supposed to do.

Monday: planned day of rest
Tuesday: 2 easy with pup, rugby practice
Wednesday: 2 easy with pup, lifting (lower)
Thursday: rugby practice
Friday: 2 easy with pup, 2 easy, lifting (upper)
Saturday: unplanned day of rest
Sunday: 9 miles long

Instead of my speedwork, easy, tempo and long run totaling 20+ miles, I ended up with 4 easy 2 milers (3 with Bailey) and my long run, for 17 miles this week. Blah. At least I got the most important one in. I was just lazy about the speedwork early on this week, and I was worn out from lifting and practice later in the week and didn't get over the mental hump.
I did lift twice, which I'll count as what I planned on seeing as I switched from NROLFW for now to a modified (half!) version of the end-of-preseason plan our coach recommends for our elite athletes (which is why I'm doing half, hah). My legs were just *dead* the day after the legs day. I need to plan that better this week.

Up for week 6:
3 easy
4 tempo
10 long

2x lifting
2 practice...I need to start planning a lot better and working through being tired now! Somehow a couple of years ago I trained for a full through rugby season, but at the time I wasn't taking classes on top of everything else.

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