Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I've hit the point of the semester where something has to give. Its busy season at work. Rugby is in full swing. I have stuff coming due in both classes. I have a half in 6 weeks. I, um, need to turn in my qualifying exam in 22 days. And, uh, we're listing our house. I might throw up.

I think for the foreseeable future (read: until April 15, or May 12, we'll see...), I'm going to have to ditch the weight room and pretend running + rugby is diverse enough workout.  And I'm pretty much ditching my classes until this exam/lit review is done (except I have a - gag - group project also due April 15, and I guess I need to participate in that). No reason I do a semesters work in 3-4 weeks for these courses since I'm writing 3/4 of my lit review in 3...

I really need to work on my procrastination and priorities.

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