Sunday, December 27, 2009

December snow!

This is Pennsylvania. Southeastern Pennsylvania. Snow is not THAT normal in December, and snow over a foot is downright rare. We average about 20 inches a year, and are dang close to that at this point from the snowstorm last weekend, plus the mid-month dusting!

Princess Charming likes to shovel (or at least doesn't avoid it like I do), so we only had a couple of inches to deal with in the morning. I was very busy making cookies whenever this was going on last Saturday:
Look at that! This is Philadelphia not Pittsburgh! One of the news stations said this is the biggest December storm on record, and second largest all time (following the 96 blizzard).
That's a 15! And the wind was blowing to the other side of the street - our neighbors had twice the snow we did in the morning (they shoveled out the same time as us Saturday night).

It was pretty though! Even the three inches that made it into our screened porch (apparently it was quite windy!)

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