Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

a little late.

The usual Thanksgiving, more or less.

We drove up to NJ early Thursday morning - very early, to run a 5k with my dad! He ran it in 42 minutes, which is not shabby for a guy who hadn't exercised in 30 years until his triple bypass last spring!

Then a quick stop by the HS football game (to see the marching band...and alumni...I don't march but its fun to make the pit stop)
Followed by the usual Thanksgiving festivities.

Friday we shopping, went out to lunch, and hung out with my parents. They see Princess Charming all the time, but I'm only up there every couple of months, and they (especially mom) miss me :)

Saturday we went to the city for a bachelorette party - a show (with Zach Morris and the brother from Weeds) and then dinner (the blandest Mexican I have ever had...). And we walked around the city like tourists, even though we're all pretty local. Including three journeys through Times Square. Poor planning in my opinion. We did see the tree briefly though (unlit, clearly).
And then home decorate!

and off to the holiday season!

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