Thursday, December 10, 2009

just call me grace

You know how I'm super coordinated and athletic and move with fluid, ballerina like motion?

Stop laughing.


When I was in high school, I once fell jogging on the sidewalk. I imagine it looked like something out of a movie, a full face forward SPLAT. I tore up one palm and my left knee, and must have thrown all my weight onto my right one because it was swollen like a softball for a week (not from twisting or anything, just a huge puffy bruise). My left knee was skinned so badly - hugely - I couldn't bend it for a week until the scab started to break up. I still have a sort of round scar from it.

Then there's July 08. And June 09. When I broke my foot. Ironically enough, without falling.

Between these events, there is a lot of laughing at my general gait, my throwing arm, and my dance moves.

So tonight, I took Bailey for a 2 mile jog. We do this a few days a week in the morning or evening on the days he doesn't have an opportunity to play/sprint/get out all that adolescent energy (so pretty much 4 days a week since he usually goes to doggie day care or my friend's house once a week, and we hit the dog park on the weekend).

And around mile 0.5, I fell.

And all I did this time was give myself a little nic in my palm and a skinned my elbow (I had on a sweatshirt, so that could have been a bit worse). And I probably scared the woman who saw me fall (and was nice enough to pull over to check on me. Her 7 yr old son had his jaw on the car floor. I guess adults don't fall?).

Two points here:
1) Does anyone else find it ironic I actually fell this time and didn't actually HURT myself?
2) I am going to attribute my injury level from this graceful sidewalk experience compared to that of over a decade ago to 9 years of rugby. I might not be a particularly high level player, but at least I've learned how to fall without bodily harm (fyi, tighten your core and try to hit knees-hips-shoulders).

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  1. Hehe. Brian occasionaly falls while running too. Once on the treadmill even!