Monday, November 9, 2009

maybe it'll be ok?

I ran 8 miles today - 3 this morning and 5 tonight. And I feel good. It is unfortunate I had a couple of lazy weeks, and then the weird back/hip thing... my hip is still tight, but I feel good.

My plan this week is to get my other 3 in (this week is supposed to be 3, 5, 3, 12), do 10 miles on Wed (probably 5 & 5 - AM and midday or AM/PM), take Thurs/Fri off and do 10-12 on Saturday morning. I know its a LOT considering my record this last month or so, but I really just need to do 2 10 milers to feel ok about this race (splitting it up isn't ideal...but at least it will be done, right?)

I really want to hit 2 hours, but it is SO unlikely seeing as my runs have been around 9:40s, and that is a 9:09 pace! Oh well. Maybe if I get on the ball with training I can still aim for my PR in Austin in Jan (which would be a 1:52)...

any encouragement? has anyone done a successful (in your eyes) race with screwy training?

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